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  • Birthday Announcement: Molly is Going to Shave Her Head. Here’s why. (#dramaticclickbate)

    Birthday Announcement: Molly is Going to Shave Her Head. Here’s why. (#dramaticclickbate)

    Hey there friends, As I’ve mentioned before I’m currently working on a master’s degree at the Ohio State University and it turns out that school is time-consuming! I want to make a commitment to a once month blog post if possible, because there are still plenty of things to share about being in Ohio (such […]

  • So Moving is a Big Thing

    So Moving is a Big Thing

    In my entire young adult life I have done nothing but travel, live out my car and sublet other people’s homes. One of the things about going to school is that it’s very helpful to have a place to live for the duration of your school term. It has something to do with the necessity […]

  • Letting Go of “Wanderlust” and Instead Just Being Grateful

    Letting Go of “Wanderlust” and Instead Just Being Grateful

    I’ve found myself in an interesting position. I have been extremely lucky has to have traveled a lot in my life thus far. In these travels I have met many people whose main goal in life is to keep traveling as long as possible, seeing as many places as possible. Everyone has their own way […]

  • Sometimes Being Bored is an Amazing Sign

    Sometimes Being Bored is an Amazing Sign

    The past few days I’ve been sending a lot of snapchats, which can only mean one thing: I’m bored. When I am fully present and occupied/don’t have 4G/am super content I don’t really use snapchat. I love to share photos with instagram and write this blog, but other than that I try to minimized my […]

  • On Eating with Mindfulness

    On Eating with Mindfulness

    I am working on my graduate school application portfolio this week, which is a lot of work in a short amount of time. I am grateful that I have this time at home to just do this-as apposed to also having to go in for catering shifts whilst trying to apply to graduate school; HOWEVER…I […]

  • “Pick Yourself Up and Try Again”

    “Pick Yourself Up and Try Again”

    Hi Everyone. You may or may not remember another gif-themed blog post from about this time last year about my decision to apply to graduate school. You may also remember that I did not succeed in my applications, and therefore I am faced with another year of figuring out what to do with myself. Sigh. […]

  • I Wrote Some Things

    I Wrote Some Things

    Hi everyone, I’m taking a brief hiatus from writing this week. Wouldn’t you know it, I just so darn busy! Wouldn’t you know it, though, I’m officially published on a site other than this one, my own! I’m writing for, which has so far been great. I redirect you now to two of my […]

  • On Writing Thank You Notes

    On Writing Thank You Notes

    Every post-holiday or birthday season, it was inevitable. The nagging. “Have you written a thank you note to your grandmother yet?” my dad would randomly shoot at me from across the dinner table. “Ugh. No, Dad, I haven’t.” I would say in my most disgruntled preteen voice. “You know, it’s really important that you do […]

  • Normal Blogpost About Walking Interrupted to Talk about Brené Brown

    Normal Blogpost About Walking Interrupted to Talk about Brené Brown

    I was intending to write about this stellar walk that I took last week, but I go to attend Brené Brown’s book promotion talk at CU Boulder tonight, and I think it would be better to give a brief synopsis. For those who do not know, you should immediately watch THIS video. Brené Brown’s work is […]

  • Focusing a Master of None

    Focusing a Master of None

    A few weeks ago I was hanging out in my sister’s graduate student office, looking at a poster of the various placements of vowels in the voice box. My sister is a graduate student of opera performance, and as such it is important for her to know the various ways in which the voice box […]