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  • So Moving is a Big Thing

    So Moving is a Big Thing

    In my entire young adult life I have done nothing but travel, live out my car and sublet other people’s homes. One of the things about going to school is that it’s very helpful to have a place to live for the duration of your school term. It has something to do with the necessity […]

  • I Should Explain My Absence…

    I Should Explain My Absence…

    ..because I really fell off the wagon this time. That is the wrong reference. What I mean is, I basically stopped blogging for a while there and I am finally in a situation where I can explain why. I was in New Zealand and then I was in Spain. While I was in Spain, my […]

  • 10 Things I Definitely Did Not Know about Hawaii

    10 Things I Definitely Did Not Know about Hawaii

    This week I offer a simple post. It’s a list and some pictures and I hope you enjoy. They have a winter and it’s actually kind of chilly. There are flying cockroaches. It is extremely rainy. There is a serious history of gang violence, murder, and drug addiction. Anyone older than you is called “auntie” […]

  • Alone Again in Paradise

    Alone Again in Paradise

    I have not written in a record breakingly long time because I was simply enjoying being on a road trip with Martina. Turns out that it’s pretty fun to travel with somebody you get along with. I have become very accustomed to solo travel and don’t usually think about gaining a travel partner most of […]

  • Going on ANOTHER Road Trip

    Going on ANOTHER Road Trip

    So, Martina is here from Spain and we are going to explore the American West…just as winter appears to be setting in. It’s October, so it’s really a bit early for winter if you ask me, but the Rocky Mountains really don’t care. Boulder was cold and cloudy when she first arrived, which was so […]

  • A Reflection on Surviving My First Multi-Pitch

    A Reflection on Surviving My First Multi-Pitch

    The insanity of learning all this key safety stuff on the fly is really hitting me in retrospect.

  • Menstrual Cramps Tincture How-To

    Menstrual Cramps Tincture How-To

    Hey all. Last week I posted on Instagram that I was formulating a tincture out of the plants that are growing on my parent’s property, and a couple of folks asked to know more. Two years ago, as I was planning out the orchard I was designing for my parent’s yard, I could not help […]

  • A Lot Happens in 2.5 Years

    A Lot Happens in 2.5 Years

    A Before and After at Parker St. in New Hampshire I am completely delinquent at this point with the blog but I do have several exciting things to share in the next couple of weeks. I promise I’ll give an update on the car at some point, but right now I want to share about […]

  • Return to Indian Creek: It’s Just as Hard as Last Time!

    Return to Indian Creek: It’s Just as Hard as Last Time!

    I went back to Indian Creek this past May after a year and a half of first going. I think I climbed three routes total, completely flailing on at least one of them. This was also climbing on top rope. My dirtbag buddy, Neil was there to put up the routes and I was there […]

  • Getting Festy

    Getting Festy

    My life is guided by permaculture and as a permaculturist, I am part of a certain counter culture. That being said, even within the counter culture of permaculture (culture culture culture) there are many different expressions. Cultures, as it turns out, defy simplicity (like most things). So, there is a faction of new-aged counter culture […]

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