Thunder Lake, or; Backpacking Isn’t Always a Sufferfest

“Oh, no, we’ve got a spot up at the end,” Robbie said to the park volunteer waving us into a parking spot. The man snorted. “Yeah. You wish,” he said incredulously. “No, we really have a spot. At least, your buddy up there put a cone in the spot for us,” Robbie replied, and he … More Thunder Lake, or; Backpacking Isn’t Always a Sufferfest

Jurassic Park

A Quick Review. As I turned my steering wheel to pull the U-turn required to get into a parking spot, my front wheels suddenly lurched forward and there was a loud crunch as the front of my Honda Fit bottomed out on the lip of the ditch on the side of the road. I had failed to … More Jurassic Park

Adventures in Tracking

July 14th-16th, 2017 Snowmass Wilderness, Colorado We started out the weekend battling traffic on I-70, which I am almost used to at this point. Toby and I switched off driving at Leadville, where I was able to purchase another pair of socks from Melanzana because I had foolishly forgotten to bring a second pair. By … More Adventures in Tracking