A Map of the Reciprocal Relationship Between Apples and Humans

I’m all about observing systems these days, and I’m also super into the idea of healing the reciprocal relationship between human beings and the natural world (thanks to Robin Wall Kimmerer). So I thought I would do a little design depicting the inputs and outputs of apples along with a brief telling of their lifelines … More A Map of the Reciprocal Relationship Between Apples and Humans

I Wrote Some Things

Hi everyone, I’m taking a brief hiatus from writing this week. Wouldn’t you know it, I just so darn busy! Wouldn’t you know it, though, I’m officially published on a site other than this one, my own! I’m writing for basmati.com, which has so far been great. I redirect you now to two of my … More I Wrote Some Things

Getting Festy

My life is guided by permaculture and as a permaculturist, I am part of a certain counter culture. That being said, even within the counter culture of permaculture (culture culture culture) there are many different expressions. Cultures, as it turns out, defy simplicity (like most things). So, there is a faction of new-aged counter culture … More Getting Festy

Return to Escalante 2: Box Canyon

Another trail dispatch this week! I’ll make it quick because this trail was rather straight forward. The Grand Staircase National Monument has two general bio spheres. There is the low, hot canyon lands and the high, chilly mountain gulches. The area surrounding Hole-in-the-Rock Road is mostly hot, dry canyon lands, whereas the area surrounding Hell’s … More Return to Escalante 2: Box Canyon