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  • Ometepe Island: a Meeting of Edges

    Ometepe Island: a Meeting of Edges

    I left Granada on the 10th of February, a Sunday, hoping to make it to the next point of my travels in just one day. My destination was a little town on the very south side of the southern island, far away from pretty much anything except what it is already there. Ometepe Island is […]

  • You Probably Don’t Need to Take a Tour Part 2: Laguna Apoyo

    You Probably Don’t Need to Take a Tour Part 2: Laguna Apoyo

    After a day of work, I needed to get out of the house. I’m staying with El Arca de Noé (which translates to Noah’s Ark) in Granada, helping build the website for the small hotel. After a day inside this beautiful house, I was ready to get out again, and once again, I did not […]

  • You Probably Don’t Need a Tour Part 1: Mombacho

    You Probably Don’t Need a Tour Part 1: Mombacho

    It’s my third day in Granada and I need to get out. It’s been really nice to have a place to stay, relax, not have to go out and get at it and…..I’m already a bit bored. Something might be wrong with me, or I just really like to exercise, and I can’t stop myself […]

  • Chicken Buses: A Story

    Chicken Buses: A Story

    We needed to travel from San Juan del Sur up to coast to another beach/town called Popoyo. It’s a long drive even in a car: There’s just no direct way to get there. This is really rural Nicaragua we’re talking. And yet, you can still get there via public bus. All we had to do […]

  • Spanish Struggles, Urchin Roe

    Spanish Struggles, Urchin Roe

    I had my first exposure to language submersion on my second day in San Juan del Sur. My two Spanish speaking friends and I decided to take a walk up the hill to where Jesus stood looking out over the small city. The night before we had befriended a couple from Argentina, Chaly and Nati. […]

  • Adios Tamarindo, Hola Nicaragua

    Adios Tamarindo, Hola Nicaragua

    I left Playa Tamarindo on the Northwest coast of Costa Rica (and Dreamsea) on January 30th, 2018. I was traveling with one Spaniard and two Catalans (who speak Spanish, obviously) and we hitched a ride at 5:00 in the morning in order to catch the 6:00 am bus to Liberia. Of course, the bus came […]

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