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  • So Moving is a Big Thing

    So Moving is a Big Thing

    In my entire young adult life I have done nothing but travel, live out my car and sublet other people’s homes. One of the things about going to school is that it’s very helpful to have a place to live for the duration of your school term. It has something to do with the necessity […]

  • I Should Explain My Absence…

    I Should Explain My Absence…

    ..because I really fell off the wagon this time. That is the wrong reference. What I mean is, I basically stopped blogging for a while there and I am finally in a situation where I can explain why. I was in New Zealand and then I was in Spain. While I was in Spain, my […]

  • NZ Roadtrip Part 4: Golden Bay, Marlborough, and Christchurch

    NZ Roadtrip Part 4: Golden Bay, Marlborough, and Christchurch

    All eyes turned to Christchurch last week after the horrific attacks on Muslims at prayer. Before this peaceful country was touched by such human darkness we were blithely exploring the north side of the South Island, enjoying what I would be tempted to call paradise. We woke up in Arthur’s Pass on Sunday, March 3rd […]

  • NZ Road Trip Part 2: The Fiordlands

    NZ Road Trip Part 2: The Fiordlands

    The first thing we did when we got to Manapouri was go for a walk on the Kepler Track. It’s one of the many great tracks of New Zealand and the beginning of it is a smooth, mostly flat walk through lush Fiorland woods. We did the six or so kilometers of the track out […]

  • NZ Road Trip Part 1: The Catlins

    NZ Road Trip Part 1: The Catlins

    The Catlins refers to the southern coast of New Zealand basically between Dunedin (pronounced DooNEEden). There are many towns throughout the area but much of it is protected native bush, or what others might call forest. Between the large swathes of native bush are the quintessential NZ agriculture fields featuring friendly sheep and cattle as […]

  • On Pictures of Yourself Climbing and Saying Goodbye

    On Pictures of Yourself Climbing and Saying Goodbye

    Finally, some proof that I do actually clamber up rock faces instead of just talking about it. I don’t usually worry about getting photos of myself while climbing. I honestly think that unless it’s professionally done they don’t really come out that well. But I went out with a really friendly group of folks a […]

  • Wye Creek!!!

    Wye Creek!!!

    As I wrote last week, I have been able to go out climbing a respectable amount considering my intense work schedule. Considering how much “holiday” I take in general right now it’s only fair that I spend a month here and there doing nothing but make money. Upon the ending of that month, however, I […]

  • Now That Jan is Over…

    Now That Jan is Over…

    …I can continue writing, I think. January was actually kind of insane. I worked 50 hours a week in addition to taking care of a house and two dogs and trying to enjoy the short amount of time I had off and take care of my body, etc. Hence why writing took a side line […]

  • Getting Local Adventure

    Getting Local Adventure

    Last week I wrote about how bored I was, waiting for work to start, waiting to have enough money to buy a car, waiting for rides to pick me up, waiting for the bus, etc. etc. etc. Luckily for me, shortly after writing that post I was taken on several small adventures within a very […]

  • The Travel Timewarp Phenomonon

    The Travel Timewarp Phenomonon

    I’ve been gone from the United States for exactly two weeks and sitting where I am right now it might as well have been two years. It’s not just that I’ve been caught up in the excitement of new and foreign lands. It’s also not because I ended up having an unplanned, extra long layover […]

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