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  • Moving With the Seasons

    Moving With the Seasons

    In high school, I did a lot of Nordic skiing, especially with my dad. He had never really been one to love alpine skiing, and I had moved away from it as my friends were involved in nordic. It was a typical winter evening (read: it was 4:30 in the afternoon and the sun was […]

  • The Subtle Art of Skiing Seflies

    The Subtle Art of Skiing Seflies

    There exists on this site the guide to taking a mountaintop selfie, but I realized that the game changes when you’re on a mountain with send sticks strapped to your feet. Here are a few key tips to get you going on taking your most “legit,” “epic” and “sendy” selfie ever.  Make sure to turn […]

  • I Might Be Starting to Understand This Whole “Skiing” Thing

    I Might Be Starting to Understand This Whole “Skiing” Thing

    Around this time last year, I was in Bozeman, MT, and a friend of mine invited me to go skiing with him. Most normally functioning people who grew up skiing in NH would probably have jumped at the opportunity to have a sweet ski day with a buddy, but my reaction was simply horror. I […]

  • Urban Cross Country Skiing

    Urban Cross Country Skiing

    The weather in Boulder is a steady as a manic cat thrown into a swimming pool in March, and so provides we Boulder dwellers  with a healthy variety of conditions to love and hate. For the first couple of snowstorms that really hit this small city, I was stymied and frustrated about why, WHY, the […]

  • Lone Mountain Ranch: Napping on a Couch

    Lone Mountain Ranch: Napping on a Couch

    Ahhh Big Sky. Home of ultimate Montana skiing opulence and such a strange, strange place. I mean no offence to Big Sky. It’s awesome; but every time I drive through the lower village, I have a difficult time reconciling the fact that Big Sky is in fact, a TOWN, not just a resort.

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