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  • Return to Indian Creek: It’s Just as Hard as Last Time!

    Return to Indian Creek: It’s Just as Hard as Last Time!

    I went back to Indian Creek this past May after a year and a half of first going. I think I climbed three routes total, completely flailing on at least one of them. This was also climbing on top rope. My dirtbag buddy, Neil was there to put up the routes and I was there […]

  • Getting Festy

    Getting Festy

    My life is guided by permaculture and as a permaculturist, I am part of a certain counter culture. That being said, even within the counter culture of permaculture (culture culture culture) there are many different expressions. Cultures, as it turns out, defy simplicity (like most things). So, there is a faction of new-aged counter culture […]

  • Phipps Wash and Arch: The Magic of Discovery

    Phipps Wash and Arch: The Magic of Discovery

    I will unfortunately not be able to provide maps of my final dispatch from the Grand Staircase today, but I will try to update again later once I have access to my mapping program. Honestly, though, the walk out to Phipp’s Arch is a bit of a local’s secret, and I don’t want to give […]

  • Return to Escalante 3: Calf Creek Falls

    Return to Escalante 3: Calf Creek Falls

    Another dispatch from the Grand Staircase, and it’s a classic. Lower Calf Creek Falls is probably the most well known, easy to find, easy to navigate trail/destination in the National Monument. It’s where the locals will tell you to go if they size you up as a tourist. I’ve driven passed the trail head the […]

  • Return to Escalante 2: Box Canyon

    Return to Escalante 2: Box Canyon

    Another trail dispatch this week! I’ll make it quick because this trail was rather straight forward. The Grand Staircase National Monument has two general bio spheres. There is the low, hot canyon lands and the high, chilly mountain gulches. The area surrounding Hole-in-the-Rock Road is mostly hot, dry canyon lands, whereas the area surrounding Hell’s […]

  • Return to Escalante: Fence Canyon

    Return to Escalante: Fence Canyon

    Ironically, while I was in Central America, all I could think about was the desert. Costa Rica and Nicaragua were amazing and lush and green and teeming with life, but I think that I am really a high desert/mountain person at heart. At least right now. Who knows in the future how I will feel, […]

  • El Potrero Chico Part 2: A Breakthrough

    El Potrero Chico Part 2: A Breakthrough

    Everything at EPC changed once I met Ryan, and through Ryan, Sean. Ryan and Sean were roommates from Ohio who were meeting a crew of friends down at EPC for a week of climbing multi-pitch. Ryan and I hit up a multi-pitch called TNT, a five pitch 10a. I ended up leading the 10a pitch, […]

  • El Potrero Chico Part 1: It’s Been a While

    El Potrero Chico Part 1: It’s Been a While

    That first day I was planning on doing a few easy climbs, just get back into the swing of things, remember how to tie my knots and be safe, etc.

  • CSA Friday 4: Paneer

    CSA Friday 4: Paneer

    Milk is not technically a part of my CSA, but I learned that one of the few raw dairies in the Front Range makes it products available at the 63rd Street Farm on Thursdays. The veggies in the CSA this week inspired me to do some Indian style cooking, and so I set out in search of […]

  • CSA Friday 3: Bok Choy

    CSA Friday 3: Bok Choy

    Bok choy, the asian vegetable that may have many people scratching their heads- until they taste the deliciousness of this black sheep of the brassica family. That’s right; brassica. That means that it’s relatives include the likes of broccoli, cabbage, kale, and brussel sprouts, or, as I like to call them, the fart veggies. The fart […]

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