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  • A Reflection on Surviving My First Multi-Pitch

    A Reflection on Surviving My First Multi-Pitch

    The insanity of learning all this key safety stuff on the fly is really hitting me in retrospect.

  • Corvus corax

    Corvus corax

    The dappled sunlight filtered through the trees as the warm breeze ran up the valley and across our faces. I looked up sharply from my ATC maneuverings at the sound of a series of clicks and pops coming from above our heads. “Did you hear that?” I asked Ilva. “Yeaahhh,” she said wonderingly. “I think […]

  • Jasper’s Lovely Lady, Edith Cavell

    Jasper’s Lovely Lady, Edith Cavell

    September 9th-12th I fled from Lake Louise, wanting to leave the cold, rain, and throngs of tourists behind me; ironic, considering I was going to Jasper. I drove the Icefields Parkway, remembering vaguely the last time I had been there as a ten year old. I did as everyone does and stopped at the Crow’s […]

  • A Shout-Out to Tea and Bread

    A Shout-Out to Tea and Bread

    September 8th and 9th Lake Louise A hike was in order. I left Canmore and drove the beautiful Route 1 to Lake Louise, where, despite the sun in Canmore, it was even colder and stormier than the previous few days combined. There, I went up and joined the throngs of people getting their picture taken […]

  • A Halt in the Plans

    A Halt in the Plans

    September 7th- 8th Canmore and Banff After a full few days of climbing harder and more consistently than usual, I felt the need for a rest day or two…or a week as the rain just started inexorably rolling in. After Sept. 6th the weather in the Canadian Rockies turned to just cold, cold rain. It […]

  • 25 for 25: a Roadtrip and a Goal

    25 for 25: a Roadtrip and a Goal

    I’ll be turning 25 this month and in honor of the completion of my 25th year, and to make sure I have a few goals within this road trip I’m doing, I’m making it my goal to lead 25 new pitches outside. The “# of pitches” for “age” goal is not new. It was an […]

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