Wye Creek!!!

As I wrote last week, I have been able to go out climbing a respectable amount considering my intense work schedule. Considering how much “holiday” I take in general right now it’s only fair that I spend a month here and there doing nothing but make money. Upon the ending of that month, however, I … More Wye Creek!!!

It’s GRE Week

So sorry, but I’m a bit busy studying and what not for the GRE. Tune in next week when I get the rest of my brain back. Until then, I’ll be channeling the following: Cheers, Molly

A Cats-Up Note

Alright. I haven’t written anything in literally months now, and that’s my own dang fault. Life happens, I guess. Since my last post I have gone on many a hike, including the before mentioned John Muir Trail. I haven’t even shown my own parents photographs from that trip, so cyberspace buddies are just going to … More A Cats-Up Note