Tips and Tricks to Find Your One, True Climbing Partner


Happy Valentine’s Week everyone. While most of the consumer culture would have you believe that this is a time to celebrate and show your appreciation for the romantic love you have in your life, I’m here to tell you that, no; what  you need to be worried about is whether or not you’ve found yourself in your ONE TRUE climbing relationship. Are you on a lookout? Here are four quick tips and tricks to identifying, catching, and keeping that one special climber in your life.

1. Get a gym membership.

I know, I know it can be pretty pricey. But hey, if you take advantage of all your gym has to offer, you’re probably getting a good amount of bang for your buck. There’s also a good chance that your gym has a singles climbing meeting where you can go to pick up your potential one and only.

2. Spend a few hours just scoping out the scene

Nothing says, “Climb with me,” more than staring down a person when they’re on the crux move of their project. I cannot tell you how many partner’s I’ve nabbed with this technique.

3. Know who you’re looking for, and what questions to ask.

Are you looking for someone who climbs in shorts? Do they have to have a beard? Climb topless? Know this: you must find someone with whom you have a certain je ne sais quoi, or, chemistry, for short. Once you think you have found someone with whom you share said chemistry it’s vital to then find out A.) whether or not they have a car that can get you to the crags and B.) whether or not they have more gear than you. Ideally, they have more gear than you, i.e. an entire trad rack, etc. A great question to ask someone on your first climbing date would be: “So, what do you climb around here?” Be nice and vague, but don’t be afraid to get the information you need.

4. Talk the Talk

Once you have found your climbing partner, make sure you hold on to them by keeping them (and yourself) always on their toes. Impress them by spraying beta at them whenever they seem to be contemplating their next move. Always try to show them up with your climbing skills. Sandbag them as much as possible, and then make sure you refuse to lower their lazy butts when they say their burnt out on a pitch. Keep it spicy *wink* if you know what I mean, or else your partner’s eye may begin to wander.

These are my fail safe tactics for finding all the people I climb with. Remember, you MUST HAVE CHEMISTRY. A matching his and her’s set of climbing shoes doesn’t hurt either.



P.S. In all seriousness, thank you to all the fabulous climbing partners I have had over the past year. You have all taught me so much about climbing, fear, possibility, and myself. Happy Valentine’s Day! xoxo


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