A Map of the Reciprocal Relationship Between Apples and Humans

I’m all about observing systems these days, and I’m also super into the idea of healing the reciprocal relationship between human beings and the natural world (thanks to Robin Wall Kimmerer). So I thought I would do a little design depicting the inputs and outputs of apples along with a brief telling of their lifelines from seed to fruit to food to soil. I’ve also included the ways in which humans have a part to play in the life of an apple. I hope you find it edifying.

Apple map_página_1.jpg

Questions? Comments? Let me know!




2 responses to “A Map of the Reciprocal Relationship Between Apples and Humans”

  1. Betty Ann Trought Avatar
    Betty Ann Trought

    Well guess had hoped humans had more reciprocity after all we do the work of trimming,harvesting, making all the products and if not for us wouldn’t be fed to other animals and poop would not be composted into soil.
    Check for Josh’s 2nd article in Permaculture Magazine Series. finally getting into schools but so needs more interested help.


    1. Molly McCahan Avatar

      Thanks Betty Ann! I know, there’s a maintenance input from humans that’s missing in the map.


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