On Pictures of Yourself Climbing and Saying Goodbye

Finally, some proof that I do actually clamber up rock faces instead of just talking about it. I don’t usually worry about getting photos of myself while climbing. I honestly think that unless it’s professionally done they don’t really come out that well. But I went out with a really friendly group of folks a few weeks ago, and one of them had a camera. Her photos were really nice and it’s actually pretty fun to see yourself doing that thing you like so much.

In terms of other updates, I’m currently finishing my last week of work at the restaurant in Arrowtown and will be heading out on a great New Zealand road trip with my parents soon. It’s taken these past two months to get to know everyone in town and start cultivating great relationships with them, and just as it’s getting good I’m leaving!

But that’s the nature of travel I guess. I’ve received so much generosity during my time in Arrowtown and I’m going to miss it a lot. But I’m also ready to get to know other parts of New Zealand. I feel naive about the country as a whole and want to be able to put Arrowtown and the Wakatipu basin into better perspective. It may be goodbye forever, but who knows? My meanderings could land be back here at some point. It would be a good place to land.

Feeling at once melancholic and excited!



One response to “On Pictures of Yourself Climbing and Saying Goodbye”

  1. Betty Ann Avatar
    Betty Ann

    Love to see the real you! Looking good. Saw parents Sunday and they are looking forward to trip. Enjoy!


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