I Should Explain My Absence…

..because I really fell off the wagon this time. That is the wrong reference. What I mean is, I basically stopped blogging for a while there and I am finally in a situation where I can explain why.

I was in New Zealand and then I was in Spain. While I was in Spain, my brain was exploded in the inner side of my skull and I’ve been working on clearing it out ever since. I know this gives no clear explanation but this is the internet and my life is my business, I guess.

I’ve been back in the U.S. since mid-May. I arrived home with one of the worst colds in my personal history of colds and was sick for the two weeks that I was supposed to be spending getting my work trainings taken care of, writing lesson plans, seeing friends, and getting life in Colorado going again. These things did not happen. I was destroyed by this cold. All I could do was sleep and weep and watch the OA and sleep and drink tea. It was rough.

Then I began work at the end of May. While trying to be a great environemental educator I was also trying to start get my head wrapped around this whole “move to Ohio and go to graduate school” thing.

Did I mention that I got into Graduate school? I think I did….

Maybe I didn’t.

I’m going to Graduate school at the Ohio State University. That’s right THE Ohio State University, home of the buckeyes and more college pride than I have ever encountered in my life. I received a University Fellowship to attend the Master of Landscape Architecture program at the Knowlton School and one does not say no to such an opportunity.

This very exciting news also means that my life will now take me to Ohio, a place I literally never thought I would ever live in my life. So that’s cool. That also means I have to move and that is a big whole thing. Just finding a building to shelter myself if a big thing. I have been very preoccupied with this for the last many weeks and continue to be so even though I am in the Columbus airport at the end of a reconnaissance trip as I write.

I think my living demands are reasonable: walls, floors, ceilings, no asbestos, no mold, running water, etc. These places are unsurprisingly in demand in Columbus! Which makes the hunt for a place that much more difficult and stressful.

I digress, I have been occupied with these things as well as cosas mías which is Spanish for none of your business.

It’s been a fantastic summer so far in Colorado. I love it there. I love teaching there, I love me people there, but it’s time that I go someplace else. Ohio is lush and new and a whole other place to learn. These changes are important for me. I am hoping to revive the blog in the next few weeks. I should have things more settled and have a wee bit more time, but I won’t make any promises. I still have a lot to tell about Spain and New Zealand, but I might not have the personal energy, to be honest.

Thank you for reading the blog! I hope to maintain these discussions through graduate school but I might have my brain exploded on the inside of my skull again. So if I don’t return promptly, you at least now know why.



One response to “I Should Explain My Absence…”

  1. Betty Ann Avatar
    Betty Ann

    Hang in and try to be “in the moment”! Glad to hear about graduate school but it is not as important as you!


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