So Moving is a Big Thing

In my entire young adult life I have done nothing but travel, live out my car and sublet other people’s homes. One of the things about going to school is that it’s very helpful to have a place to live for the duration of your school term. It has something to do with the necessity of stability as a means of supporting your work or something like that I guess.

So I’ve signed the next 11 months of my life away to an apartment complex a convenient 15 minute bike ride away from my school and my God is that a chore. Just like going to school, at every turn there is a new fee to be paid, a another separate phone call to make to set up another separate account to pay a bill that can be subsidized by the government if you send in another application to set up another account where you can enter your bank’s routing number to free autopay once you set up an autopay account for a small administrative fee to be sent by check or money order over the phone if you can properly remember the obscure clue you gave yourself two years ago to verify it is you over the phone to gain access to your account.

Get the idea?

And then there are all the details like, “maybe you need to buy a shower mat so your bathroom floor doesn’t get wet, and while you’re at it a shower curtain is a pretty handy tool for that kind of thing as well.” “Are your walls going to be blank as prison cells? Actually, prison cells probably have more heartfelt decoration than your apartment currently has. Do I want to go buy art now like an adult?” Also, buying a bed. Sheets. I have literally been sleeping with a sleeping bag for the last three years. Also, go ahead and ask me if I have literally every had to purchase a shower curtain and mat in my 27 years of life. That’s right, never.

Don’t you worry, though (because I knew you were worrying) I plan on finding a majority of my outfitting needs via that Facebook marketplace or thrift stores. Even so, it’s a pretty massive chore to, for instance, by a kitchen table and silverware. While I’m excited to finally have my own place (with roommate) for the first time since my single dorm room of the school year 2012-2013, I’m aware of the financial and time burden.

Good thing I’m a minimalist! Oh wait, it’s weirdly expensive to be a minimalist in the US? Bully for me!

In all honesty, though, I’m so thankful and excited for going to graduate school. It’s a lot to think about and organize right now but I have faith that once I get going I’ll find my stride. My biggest sadness if having to say goodbye to my community in Colorado. Even though I’ve been in and out a lot in the last three years, Boulder has really become a home and I’m aware of how much work it takes to cultivate that. I know I’ll have these relationship wherever I am, but their regular support will be missed.

Gratitude to the land of Colorado, originally lived upon by the Arapahoe people, for giving me wisdom, experience, and home as well. Niwot’s curse is real, but maybe by leaving I’m making room for something else.

With gratitude and love,



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  1. Betty Ann Trought Avatar
    Betty Ann Trought

    Good luck on successful new venture!

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