The Subtle Art of Skiing Seflies

There exists on this site the guide to taking a mountaintop selfie, but I realized that the game changes when you’re on a mountain with send sticks strapped to your feet. Here are a few key tips to get you going on taking your most “legit,” “epic” and “sendy” selfie ever.

  1.  Make sure to turn the light on your screen down to nothing.

If you’re using a phone camera as I do, it’s better to just give in to the inevitable sunlight-making-your-screen-look-black factor. Just don’t even try to see the screen. This gives a whole new meaning to the term “point and shoot” and is an important factor in capturing a skiing selfie.

2. Get those goggles down.

Always, I repeat, ALWAYS have your eye protection on. We do not want to see your eyes. If you have to settle for sunglasses, so be it.

3. Point and shoot.

This seems like and easy step, but oh no, sir, it is not. If you are once again using your phone to take the photos, its best to NOT check on whether or not the phone is taking a picture with the outside or inside lens. This is the “art” part of skiing selfies; the part that you as an artist have to take a chance on. What will you capture? How do you know you’ll actually get your face in the picture? These are questions that will all be answered by time and experience, my friends.

4. Take a billion.

Most camera-phones have a setting that will allow you to hold your finger on that trigger and just take and take and take and I highly recommend this as a method of capturing your best self on the mountain.

Here are some examples of “selfie goals.”

This is some expert level, double black diamond terrain right here, so don’t expect yourself to nail it right away. Observe the framing of the selfie taker’s face in the photo, the proximity of the camera to her goggles, her obvious obliviousness to the fact that the camera is facing towards her, not away from her. These are all the goals of a true selfie master.

I hope this article has been edifying. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out. Good luck and happy ski selfies!



P.S. Yes, I’ve left off GMOs for one more week. Apologies! I leave you instead with another ground breaking selfie:




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