10 Things I Definitely Did Not Know about Hawaii

This week I offer a simple post. It’s a list and some pictures and I hope you enjoy. They have a winter and it’s actually kind of chilly. There are flying cockroaches. It is extremely rainy. There is a serious history of gang violence, murder, and drug addiction. Anyone older than you is called “auntie” … More 10 Things I Definitely Did Not Know about Hawaii

I Wrote Some Things

Hi everyone, I’m taking a brief hiatus from writing this week. Wouldn’t you know it, I just so darn busy! Wouldn’t you know it, though, I’m officially published on a site other than this one, my own! I’m writing for basmati.com, which has so far been great. I redirect you now to two of my … More I Wrote Some Things

Today, a Poem

It’s been quite a week-tumultuous to say the least-and while I have many thoughts about recent political events and actions, I am choosing, instead to share a little poetry with you. When I am troubled I tend to turn to poetry, and while it doesn’t always come out of my brain, every once in a … More Today, a Poem