10 Things I Definitely Did Not Know about Hawaii

This week I offer a simple post. It’s a list and some pictures and I hope you enjoy.

  1. They have a winter and it’s actually kind of chilly.
  2. There are flying cockroaches.
  3. It is extremely rainy.
  4. There is a serious history of gang violence, murder, and drug addiction.
  5. Anyone older than you is called “auntie” or “uncle”.
  6. There is an equal amount of English and Hawaiian signage on the roads.
  7. Legit guard dogs on chains in yards.
  8.  There are conifers on Hawaii. Cook Island Pines
  9. You can get a genuine Douglas Fir as a traditional Christmas tree and many people do. Santa Clause and everything sitting next to a little Dole Pineapple. The juxtaposition was jarring.
  10. Mauna Kea, the tallest mountain in Hawaii (because the islands are basically a bunch of mountains with the most insanely diverse microclimates I’ve ever seen) gets snow on top. I repeat, it snows in Hawaii.

I’m off to New Zealand to have my mind further blown by the Southern Hemisphere!



I like acai bowls now.

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