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  • CSA Friday Week 10: Summer Harvest Tacos

    CSA Friday Week 10: Summer Harvest Tacos

    Due to unfortunate technical difficulties involving a smart phone that can’t seem to get it together in the screen not being messed up department, I am severely lacking on photographs this week. That being said, the food was out of this world, and I highly recommend trying it out. I found some stellar homemade tortillas…

  • CSA Friday Week 7: Ratatouille

    CSA Friday Week 7: Ratatouille

    At the bottom of the bag this week, a beautiful little zucchini. “Oh, god,” I thought, “It’s zucchini season.” I’m used to zucchini season being a time when there is just too much god damn zucchini and too many ways to cook it badly. I’ve never been one to enjoy zucchini so much as to…

  • CSA Friday Week 6: Fava Beans

    CSA Friday Week 6: Fava Beans

    If you don’t already, go and check out your local farmers market. I promise that you’ll find both some lovely food items as well as lovely people. Just the other day, I was perusing Boulder’s Wednesday market, when I was taken by the stand of an older gentleman herbalist. We started chatting, and I made…

  • CSA Friday 4: Paneer

    CSA Friday 4: Paneer

    Milk is not technically a part of my CSA, but I learned that one of the few raw dairies in the Front Range makes it products available at the 63rd Street Farm on Thursdays. The veggies in the CSA this week inspired me to do some Indian style cooking, and so I set out in search of…

  • CSA Friday 3: Bok Choy

    CSA Friday 3: Bok Choy

    Bok choy, the asian vegetable that may have many people scratching their heads- until they taste the deliciousness of this black sheep of the brassica family. That’s right; brassica. That means that it’s relatives include the likes of broccoli, cabbage, kale, and brussel sprouts, or, as I like to call them, the fart veggies. The fart…

  • CSA Friday 2: Turnip Leaf Pesto

    CSA Friday 2: Turnip Leaf Pesto

    Permaculture Design Principle: Produce No Waste. When you have an extra bit of vegetable matter such a the tops of radishes, turnips, carrots, etc., it’s always important to remember that these things can still be eaten! There are hard-earned vitamins and minerals in those leaves. Those little plants spend weeks photosynthesizing their hearts out through…

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