Snowy Stinson

January 7th, 2016

I went up Stinson again today only this time there was snow on the trail. I love walking up mountains in New Hampshire winter; I always feel like I’m walking through a Jan Brett book. Specifically Trouble with Trolls in which a blonde girl walks up a mountain with a dog through snow covered trees dealing with clever little trolls all the way.


The last part about the trolls is, unfortunately, not my life, but I sure as heck can imagine it is!


As I’ve said before, hiking in New Hampshire is best in winter. I’d spent the day doing other things, other things, never-ending other things, fully intending to go out for my hike. Three o’clock rolled around and I still hadn’t left the house. The sun sets at bloody 4:40 pm! But I was determined.

The start of the Stinson trail so nicely broken by snowshoers before me.



Boy, am I glad I did. I reached the top of the hill right at the golden hour.


Perfection. The sun felt exceptionally warm, the air was still, and everything was washed in beauty (la la la! so dramatic!). But, for real, it was a glorious moment.


The thing about sunset hikes is that you want to stay for the whole thing, but then you’ll be strait up stuck in the dark. This doesn’t particularly scare me, but a bobbling headlamp is not my ideal hiking guide. I scooted my bum back down the hill just in time for the rainbow portion of the sunset show.


Winter sunsets, man, there’s nothing like them. Go outside!



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