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  • A Lot Happens in 2.5 Years

    A Lot Happens in 2.5 Years

    A Before and After at Parker St. in New Hampshire I am completely delinquent at this point with the blog but I do have several exciting things to share in the next couple of weeks. I promise I’ll give an update on the car at some point, but right now I want to share about…

  • Moving With the Seasons

    Moving With the Seasons

    In high school, I did a lot of Nordic skiing, especially with my dad. He had never really been one to love alpine skiing, and I had moved away from it as my friends were involved in nordic. It was a typical winter evening (read: it was 4:30 in the afternoon and the sun was…

  • The Benefits of a Cloudy Day

    The Benefits of a Cloudy Day

    I woke up this morning, wondering why I felt like it was still nighttime. The light had an eerie, grey quality to it that made me feel like I was back in New Hampshire. I popped out of bed, tore open the curtains and found…yes! It was cloudy outside! At last! The day I had…

  • Knowing When It’s Time to Turn Around

    Knowing When It’s Time to Turn Around

    This past Monday I met up with my friend Eric (from I Love Inclement Weather) and a few of his buddies to go for a hike in the White Mountains. Eric and I are both back in NH from the west for a brief visit, and so it seemed a nice opportunity to catch up over our…

  • Risk, Uncertainty and the Relentless Pursuit of Self-Actualization

    Risk, Uncertainty and the Relentless Pursuit of Self-Actualization

    Climbing and, indeed, all alpine-oriented sports are inherently dangerous. I clearly don’t need to state that fact. As any piece of climbing gear or climbing guidebook will tell you, CLIMBING IS DANGEROUS. Just this past September, we lost Kyle Dempster and Scott Adamson in Pakistan. In almost any climbing magazine, there will be a special section dedicated…

  • The Bonds: An Eleven-Year Tick

    The Bonds: An Eleven-Year Tick

    June 15th – 16th, 2016 Once upon a time, a 13 year old girl from rural New Hampshire went on a two night adventure into the White Mountains with her 8th grade class. It being the first time she had ever been out with people other than her family, she was amazed to discover how…

  • Mt. Cube: Bring on the Rain

    Mt. Cube: Bring on the Rain

    June 11th, 2016 The last time I went up Mt. Cube, I was 14 years old. My older cousin had invited me to go along with her family’s Bolivian exchange student. She was an Appalachian Trail graduate by that point, and I was all twitter-pated to be hanging out with her and the mysterious, beautiful…

  • Tripyramid Take Two

    Tripyramid Take Two

    May 19th, 2016 Wow, wow. Almost a month ago, Helen and I ventured up the Tripyramids. When Hazel in The Fault in our Stars ” …[falls] in love the way you fall asleep: slowly at first, then all at once,” she is also describing the way that Spring descends upon the Northeast. (Thanks, John Green, for such…

  • Singing to the Zombie-Werewolf

    Singing to the Zombie-Werewolf

    So I went for a walk in the woods for an hour, in the dark, by myself, and guess what? I SURVIVED.

  • Welch and Dicky, or; I Need New Shoes

    Welch and Dicky, or; I Need New Shoes

    May 9th, 2016 So it’s been a few weeks since I went on this hike with David, and looking at the pictures it’s amazing to see how much the landscape has changed so drastically in such a short period of time! Spring is amazing, folks. (It can also royally suck, but let’s focus on the…

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