How to take a Mountaintop Selfie, by Cosmo the Springer Spaniel

Step 1: Get human to take you out for a walk.

Step 2: Freak out the entire drive to the trail head, just to make sure your human knows that you’re an intoxicating mix of excited and terrified.

Step 3: Walk uphill with impossible enthusiasm for half a dog day (appx. 1.5 hours human time).


Step 4: Arrive at top of hill.

Step 5: Watch human arrange complicated, stone structure with which to support a mostly two-dimensional picture-taking device. Optional: human make accidentally take a few under-the-chin-photos at this time.

Step 6: Get in the way of human during the precious 10 seconds of time allotted before the picture is taken.

Step 7: Repeat Step 6 three to five times.

Step 8: Look cute, and be proud.




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