Today, a Poem

It’s been quite a week-tumultuous to say the least-and while I have many thoughts about recent political events and actions, I am choosing, instead to share a little poetry with you. When I am troubled I tend to turn to poetry, and while it doesn’t always come out of my brain, every once in a while I turn a verse that seems to speak my truth. This is a poem of longing; for connection, courage, and the authentic self:

I want to walk into the wild as I never have before.

Not, as usual, with miles, grade, and fear filling my head

but instead

with the alertness I have been told will help me to see.

I want to walk into the wild

to see as I never have before

those truths realized by solitude.

I want to walk into the wild

to be the paradox of aloneness and connection,

no longer allowed to be anything but what I am;

fleshy intuition and invisible spirit.

I want to walk into the wild as I never have before

and walk out again with the wilderness inside me.

Do you see the sun in my fingertips?

The fern tendrils in my toes?

Do you feel the roots reaching out to you?

Answer her call

and be.

-Molly McCahan





3 responses to “Today, a Poem”

  1. PSU Health Pros Avatar

    A nice way to start my day. Thank you Molly!


  2. Elizabeth A Trought Avatar
    Elizabeth A Trought

    Thank you I loved your poem.


  3. pavinganopinion Avatar

    Not a lot of people can appreciate that feeling of getting connected in your aloneness, nice line!

    Liked by 1 person

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