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  • Thunder Lake, or; Backpacking Isn’t Always a Sufferfest

    Thunder Lake, or; Backpacking Isn’t Always a Sufferfest

    “Oh, no, we’ve got a spot up at the end,” Robbie said to the park volunteer waving us into a parking spot. The man snorted. “Yeah. You wish,” he said incredulously. “No, we really have a spot. At least, your buddy up there put a cone in the spot for us,” Robbie replied, and he…

  • Team Ramrod Year 2: The Wind River CDT/High Route Mashup

    Team Ramrod Year 2: The Wind River CDT/High Route Mashup

    Team Ramrod reunited this August 16th-22nd to hike yet another exotic Rocky Mountain Range: the Wind Rivers. It’s all fun and games until you find yourself down climbing Class III terrain made up of loose talus with a 38 lb. pack on your back. I’ve learned that ultralight backpacking is for those with careers that…

  • Adventures in Tracking

    Adventures in Tracking

    July 14th-16th, 2017 Snowmass Wilderness, Colorado We started out the weekend battling traffic on I-70, which I am almost used to at this point. Toby and I switched off driving at Leadville, where I was able to purchase another pair of socks from Melanzana because I had foolishly forgotten to bring a second pair. By…

  • Janet’s Cabin

    Janet’s Cabin

    November 23rd – 25th Thanksgiving. A time to relax, spend time with family, eat too much (probably), go for short walks, and take copious numbers of little naps. Heaven, right? Well, this year we went for something a little different. It’s only my second Thanksgiving away from home (aka New Hampshire), my first being my…

  • Suffering and Gratitude at Goldbug Hot Springs

    Suffering and Gratitude at Goldbug Hot Springs

    July 22nd- 23rd Welp. I just learned that spider mites are a thing at some hot springs in Idaho. I was fortunate enough to not know of this possibility prior to marching up to Goldbug as the knowledge of such a horror would have surely stymied my attempts to get my ass up the mountain.…

  • The Bonds: An Eleven-Year Tick

    The Bonds: An Eleven-Year Tick

    June 15th – 16th, 2016 Once upon a time, a 13 year old girl from rural New Hampshire went on a two night adventure into the White Mountains with her 8th grade class. It being the first time she had ever been out with people other than her family, she was amazed to discover how…

  • A John Muir Trail Reflection

    A John Muir Trail Reflection

    Guest post time! Written by one of my JMT partners, life companion, and sister, Claire McCahan

  • An Overnight on Garnet Peak

    An Overnight on Garnet Peak

    March 9th, 2016 Montana has a good number of Forest Service cabins available for rent by the public. These cabins can be found all over the nation, in fact, but I’ve only ever stayed in Montana cabins. The first time was at Mystic Lake up the Sourdough canyon on the south side of Bozeman with…

  • We’re Taking a Long Walk

    We’re Taking a Long Walk

    The John Muir Trail What’s the John Muir Trail? I’ll let the PCTA explain HERE. For me it started with the book “Almost Somewhere: 28 Days on the John Muir Trail,”(solid title, by the way) by Suzanne Roberts. If I can remember correctly, I read the book sometime in the summer of 2012, just before…

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