Recieving Time

  • El Potrero Chico Part 2: A Breakthrough

    El Potrero Chico Part 2: A Breakthrough

    Everything at EPC changed once I met Ryan, and through Ryan, Sean. Ryan and Sean were roommates from Ohio who were meeting a crew of friends down at EPC for a week of climbing multi-pitch. Ryan and I hit up a multi-pitch called TNT, a five pitch 10a. I ended up leading the 10a pitch, […] Read more

  • Spanish Struggles, Urchin Roe

    Spanish Struggles, Urchin Roe

    I had my first exposure to language submersion on my second day in San Juan del Sur. My two Spanish speaking friends and I decided to take a walk up the hill to where Jesus stood looking out over the small city. The night before we had befriended a couple from Argentina, Chaly and Nati. […] Read more

  • A Shout-Out to Tea and Bread

    A Shout-Out to Tea and Bread

    September 8th and 9th Lake Louise A hike was in order. I left Canmore and drove the beautiful Route 1 to Lake Louise, where, despite the sun in Canmore, it was even colder and stormier than the previous few days combined. There, I went up and joined the throngs of people getting their picture taken […] Read more

  • Now That Jan is Over…

    Now That Jan is Over…

    …I can continue writing, I think. January was actually kind of insane. I worked 50 hours a week in addition to taking care of a house and two dogs and trying to enjoy the short amount of time I had off and take care of my body, etc. Hence why writing took a side line […] Read more

  • Getting Local Adventure

    Getting Local Adventure

    Last week I wrote about how bored I was, waiting for work to start, waiting to have enough money to buy a car, waiting for rides to pick me up, waiting for the bus, etc. etc. etc. Luckily for me, shortly after writing that post I was taken on several small adventures within a very […] Read more

  • Sometimes Being Bored is an Amazing Sign

    Sometimes Being Bored is an Amazing Sign

    The past few days I’ve been sending a lot of snapchats, which can only mean one thing: I’m bored. When I am fully present and occupied/don’t have 4G/am super content I don’t really use snapchat. I love to share photos with instagram and write this blog, but other than that I try to minimized my […] Read more

  • The Travel Timewarp Phenomonon

    The Travel Timewarp Phenomonon

    I’ve been gone from the United States for exactly two weeks and sitting where I am right now it might as well have been two years. It’s not just that I’ve been caught up in the excitement of new and foreign lands. It’s also not because I ended up having an unplanned, extra long layover […] Read more

  • 10 Things I Definitely Did Not Know about Hawaii

    10 Things I Definitely Did Not Know about Hawaii

    This week I offer a simple post. It’s a list and some pictures and I hope you enjoy. They have a winter and it’s actually kind of chilly. There are flying cockroaches. It is extremely rainy. There is a serious history of gang violence, murder, and drug addiction. Anyone older than you is called “auntie” […] Read more

  • Alone Again in Paradise

    Alone Again in Paradise

    I have not written in a record breakingly long time because I was simply enjoying being on a road trip with Martina. Turns out that it’s pretty fun to travel with somebody you get along with. I have become very accustomed to solo travel and don’t usually think about gaining a travel partner most of […] Read more